Each year, Kenya Irish Society makes an effort to raise funds through sponsorship, ticket sales and raffle tickets at the various events. As a result of a very successful fundraising effort and generous participants at our events, the Society was able to award grants totaling over 1 Million Kenyan Shillings. Charities and CBOs connected with the Society through various members are invited to submit proposals for a maximum grant of 200,000 KSh. The grant applications are screened by a grant sub-committee and a decision is taken with regard to the most deserving recipients.

In 2018, 6 groups received funds as follows:

Awards in 2015 were made to:

Patrician Brothers Kweta Home of Peace Ruai for Street Boys
Kenya Women’s & Children’s Wellness Center
St Columba Kitui Technical Training College
Daughters of Charity Treatment of Cervical Cancer
Eastlands College of Technology Solar Panel
Gatoto Integrated Development Program
Ngong Road Children’s Association
MMM Mukuru Counter Human Trafficking
Mukuru Outreach Proposal – Income Generation
Holy Ghosts School Drip Irrigation Makueni
ISMM Scholarship Endowment Fund
Jambo Toto Children’s Center
Loreto Neema Project Vocational Skills for Vulnerable People
Children of God Relief Institute Nyumbani
MCEDO Beijing Education Centre Muthare Slum
Mukuru Promotion Centre Support for Street Boys Rehabilitation Centre